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31 jan

Graduation International Educating Class

Opgelet, deze activiteit is reeds afgelopen.

End of Semester Ceremony

We cordially invite you to the end of semester ceremony  of the Fall Programme of our International Educating Class.

You can enjoy the graduation ceremony with speeches from lecturers and students, music and food and drinks. Furthermore, you have the oportunity to go into dialogue with the IEC-students  on the occasion of the exhibition 'Education: a key driver for inclusion', organised to celebrate the international day of education. The key question of the photovoice is "When do you, as an international student, feel included in class, in school, in Leuven?".



  • Welcome
  • Lecturers’ Words of Thanks
  • Student Testimony & Music
  • Dialogue Photovoice Exhibition



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Praktische info

31 jan 2020
16:00 uur - 18:00 uur

room A113

Campus Hertogstraat
Hertogstraat 178
3001 Heverlee


UCLL Lerarenopleiding Heverlee
016 37 56 00