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As the most prominent faculty of teacher education in Flanders, with almost 4,000 students, the faculty is known for its outstanding quality, practice orientation, and personal guidance of each student.

More than 1000 young people with an international background have already studied with or visited us each year for a short or long exchange experience.

  • Gain valuable knowledge in new teaching methods while developing your language skills, as well as the soft skills necessary for personal growth and future success.
  • Join a unique University of Applied Sciences dedicated to pushing boundaries and advancing towards a sustainable and just society.
  • Our campuses are centrally located in the heart of Europe, providing fast and easy access to neighboring countries. This allows you to expand both your horizons and cultural awareness.
  • The campus, situated in the vibrant student city of Leuven, provides a safe and green environment. With numerous restaurants, bars, cafés, festivals, cultural performances, activities, and museums available, you'll always find something to enjoy.
  • You can build an international network of friends and connections for the future.
  • An international experience in Leuven will be invaluable for your future educational and career prospects.

What's on offer

The Faculty of Teacher Education offers both Fall and Spring semester packages for our exchange students. You can opt for different packages that focus on inclusive or multilingual education. We offer courses where you can study with native Belgian (Dutch-speaking) students; you will also have the opportunity to engage in project-based learning experiences. Although the main language in the region of Flanders is Dutch, all courses are taught in English. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I also take courses from the regular (Dutch) programme?
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What are the options when I am fluent in Dutch?
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Can I follow language courses (Dutch or French) in the exchange programme?
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