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nEBULA - Energy Efficient Building Learning Application

2015 - 2016

The project starts with a capacity analysis applied to students and young professionals and a needs analysis applied to the building construction and energy companies’ representatives (future employers) a novel ICT tool, i.e a pilot mobile learning app, which is developed and tested throughout the lifetime of the project.

During the project the target groups will be defined and reached via surveys and the small number of focus groups will be deeply analyzed both in country level and international level.

The functional requirements of the nEBULA app, the most suitable methods for assessment to be included in and its platform will be defined.

After the pilot testing of the app with the representatives of the target group, the nEBULA app will be available for education of students and young professionals and adapted to the interested higher education institutes’ curriculum.



Ege Universitesi (TR)


Eolas S.L. (ES)


Intromac (ES)


Ergomec (GR)


Technische Universiteit Delft (NL)






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Mimi Willems - mimi.willems@ucll.be