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Diepenbeek Campus

The largest campus of UC Leuven-Limburg is home to management, technology, welfare and secondary school teacher education programmes.  Students of industrial engineering at KU Leuven – UHasselt are also frequent visitors of our campus. Together, they account for a total of 4,000 students.  Facilities on site include a centrally located restaurant offering a wide variety of meals and a cafeteria, two multimedia centres and the Stuvoor house (Student Services).

This campus also houses the UCLL-QUADRI expert services and accommodates in-service training sessions. In the vicinity of the campus you can also find the Research and Technology centre of UC Leuven-Limburg and KU Leuven. 

This green campus also houses some faculties of Hasselt University and PXL university college. This is why the campus in its entirety is called the university campus.

Our  Diepenbeek Campus  can be easily reached by bus, approximately 5 minutes from Hasselt. There are free parking facilities for you bicycle or car.


Diepenbeek Campus
Agoralaan, gebouw B bus 1
3590 Diepenbeek

Teacher Education
+32 11 180 000
 ler.diepenbeek@ucll.be(link sends e-mail)

+32 11 180 200

+32 11 180 300

(link sends e-mail)

Social Work (Social Education)
+32 11 180 700