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  • Parking: available, €50 per academic year
  • Student restaurant: unavailable, but there is a sandwish bar near the entrance hall



The campus is situated amidst fields and greenery. The campus has numerous auditoria, an open learning centre and library, a sandwish bar and a large sports hall. 

But not only the future languages and PE teachers will find all they need to inspire young people. The campus is located in the vicinity of the ‘Meerdaalwoud’ (Meerdaal forest); our Biology teachers can instantly collect their herbarium materials.

how to reach HERTOGSTRAAT campus



Travel time

The fastest way to reach Hertogstraat Campus is by bike. As the campus is situated on top of a hill you will have your morning exercise covered.

Please consult Google Maps to calculate your travel time. On average, it takes about 20 minutes to reach Hertogstraat Campus  by bike from Leuven Station.

Google Maps


Renting a bike

You can rent a bike for €25 per academic year (+ a  €70 security deposit) with your UC Leuven-Limburg student ID at Velo.

Velo is a social and ecological bicycle project.

  • Students and residents of Leuven can rent a secondhand or UCLL bike.
  • In Velo’s repair shop, students can repair their bike, or have it repaired for them at Leuven station. 



Do you intend to come to campus by bus?  Hertogstraat is easily reachable using public transport. It will take you about 16 minutes by bus to get from Leuven station to Hertogstraat Campus !

Direct lines to the campus

  • Step 1:  Get on a line   4, 5 or 6  'De Lijn' bus (for example at Leuven station),  they  all stop near  Hertogstraat Campus .  A one-way ticket costs 1,60 euro.
  • Step 2:   Get off at 'Halte Kazerne' (Heverlee) at the corner of the Kerpelstraat and Hertogstraat
  • Step 3: Walk another  few minutes in the direction of the campus to reach it. If you take the bus at the station, it will be to your right. 

Careful: line 2  (to 'Campus Heverlee') will bring you to another  UC Leuven-Limburg campus. (at halte H. Hart Instituut Heverlee). This stop is a ten-minute walk away from Hertogstraat Campus  Follow the arrows on site to find Hertogstraat Campus 



We can advise you to consult the route planner  so you know exactly which bus to take at which bus stop as well:

route planner


travelling to Hertogstraat Campus  more than once?


For students, there is an offer to travel by bus  with a student pass at the time of enrollment:  € 20 to travel to and from campus for an entire academic year.

Not a student? Have a look at our  page on taking the bus in Leuven  for more information on different types of travel cards and subscriptions. 

Taking the bus in Leuven


Leuven station

We recommend you to take the train to 'Leuven Station' and then travel to Hertogstraat Campus  using a bus or a bike.  You can find more information on both options above. 

Connection to Leuven Station  tends to be smoother than to Heverlee station. If you opt for Heverlee station, you will need to walk rather than take another mode of transport for the last  part as well.


Heverlee station

Heverlee station is closest to campus but also has no direct bus connection to Hertogstraat Campus  and  far fewer trains stopping there.

If you opt for this station, walk between fifteen to twenty minutes to campus via Naamsesteenweg and then Hertogstraat.


Route planner

(fill in the station of your choosing )

Please consult the route planner of NMBS (the only  provider of public transport by train in Belgium) for the best possible connection from your location:


Railtime: the official NMBS route planner 

The ticket price depends on the distance you travel.




Parking is only possible on the Hertogstraat Campus (entrance via Kerpelstraat). There are no parking amenities in the surrounding streets  as they are only accessible to inhabitants.  

Students who need to be at the 'Naamsesteenweg' building are also recommended to park here and take a ten-minute walk to their building.


Parking fee

For a fee of  €50  students  and staff can park for an entire academic year at Hertogstraat Campus . After enrollment, any student can order their year subscription via  the Intranet. This subscription is only available to students and staff.



On open days and the signing in period during the summer months the parking lot is open to future students without a student pass as well.

If you are a guest at UC Leuven-Limburg please inquire with the staff member who invited you. They can contact the  reception desk at your time of arrival and arrange for you to enter as well.


Hertogstraat Campus
Hertogstraat 178
3001 Heverlee

+32 16 375 600


Using Google Maps you can find the ideal route to reach  Hertogstraat Campus!