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How to reach Proximus Campus

The bike is the fastest and healthiest mode of transportation to reach Proximus Campus. The campus is located 4.7 km from the train station of Leuven and at 5.7 km from the Old Market. It takes only 20 minutes cycling from the centre of Leuven! More information on reaching the campus by bike can be found on the website of Leuven (via the cycling map).

For only €25 (and a guarantee of €70) you can rent a second-hand-bike for a whole year. When your bike is broken, you can let it repair for freeFor only €50 (and a guarantee of €70) you can rent a new UCLL-bike for a whole year (and a guarantee of €130). 

A second option is public transport. There are four bus lines with a stop right outside the campus. Bus 630 takes you from the train station to the campus in only12 minutes. Bus lines 4, 5 and 6 drive through the centre and have stops at the Rector De Somerplein and the train station. Click here for the timetables and plan your ideal route for transport by bus and train. The bus stop of Proximus Campus is  'Haasrode UCLL'. For only €25 you can drive unlimited through the city.

If you arrive by car, you will find a spacious underground parking on the campus (the ground floor is reserved for visitors, -1 and -2 are for staff and paying students). You pay €50 to park your car for a whole year. Attention please: the research park in Haasrode is a junction for a lot of drivers. This means that traffic-jams develop regularly

If you wish to find out quickly how you can reach Proximus Campus, you can download the M-App. This will provide you with customised and real-time advice to reach the campuses in Leuven. 

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