Overslaan en naar de inhoud gaan

Do you have what it takes to design the ultimate logo?

The star of Mercedes, the symbol of Red Bull, the little flower of Yoplait, the iconic bottle of Coca-Cola: these symbols and icons are chosen consciously to represent the personality and culture of a company or brand. The identification, the recognition of a company, an organization or a brand contributes to reach the company’s objectives. 

During this project you will design and create a logo for a business client. You will be working in an international team. The groups are composed of Belgian and international students. While developing logos, you will have to draw upon your knowledge of several disciplines. You will also have to prove your creativity and your communication skills.

Icon test - I contest: a challenge for creative European marketers
This project is developed as a contest, a competition. Several teams will create a logo for the same business client. The created logos will be judged by a professional, an international and a student jury. The winning teams will get a prize.

More information about the programme of this week can be found here.