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bbm semester 1 offered online & on campus

UCLL student wearing a face mask

Warm welcome online and on campus !

If you cannot make it to Belgium before the start of your courses, we move in your direction. We offer the first semester courses online for those who can't join us in Leuven. Whenever it is safe for you to travel to us, we are happy to welcome you on campus for as long as we can do so safely.  This means that classes won't only be available online; we also provide classes on campus for those who can join us here!


Skilled at and equipped for online teaching

After having taught most of the past semester online, our lecturers are proficient  in  online teaching. We provide the necessary tools, live feedback and online assignments to make sure you will always feel connected to your peers and supported by your mentors. The only difference is that the moving minds now also have a digital home. We are prepared to think outside the box for whatever may come.


COVID-19 measures

We monitor the epidemiological situation and will continue to make any necessary adjustments. Although we hope that you'll be able to take as many classes on our campus as possible, your safety remains our first priority. The Belgian government uses colour codes to indicate to which extent on-campus education is possible.

On campus, we provide a circulation plan and hand sanitiser in every room. All you still need to bring is a face mask. The current code, code yellow, allows for live classes with those measures. We will keep you posted on any changes that may occur!



We look forward to meeting you!

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