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What does a continuing education programme entail?

Our international programmes beyond the bachelor level help you to prepare for specific professional challenges or to make a new start.  

  • one-year or one-semester programmes
  • profession-oriented
  • to obtain an additional degree at UCLL
    after already having obtained your first bachelor’s (or undergraduate)  degree at UCLL or at any other recognised higher education institution.
  • At UCLL: interdisciplinary, management and education centred programmes


5 English-spoken continuinG education programmes

Some will provide you with another bachelor diploma, others with a certificate. But all of our programmes will give you an advantage in your professional life. 

Design thinking & innovation

Design Thinking  & Innovation:

  • offers classes from guest lecturers, experts from  within the corporate world
  • training to apply Design Thinking methods to create innovative future-proof solutions for companies and organizations
  • students apply these insights in a consultancy project of four months in a company or organization

International Management

International Management:

  • offers classes from experts with expertise from  within the corporate world
  • focus on problem solving innovative thinking and management on a global scale
  • students apply these insights in a consultancy project of four months in an international team

International Cooperation and Development Studies

International Cooperation and Development Studies :

  • 2 months of theory and training at the UCLL campus in Leuven
  • 6-month internship at a UCLL partner organisation in the 'Global South' 
     India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Senegal, Benin, Uganda, Brazil, Paraguay or Peru
  • Interdisciplinary: open to various areas of expertise

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL):

  • only available to students who have already completed teacher training
      allowing them to teach in at least one non-language course
  • Training to teach said non language course in a foreign language 
      French, German, English or Dutch
  • Optimising the synergy between language and course content

International Educating Class (IEC)

International Educating Class (IEC) :

  • a UNESCO-oriented programme
  • the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are front and center
  • students across the globe and from all areas of expertise 
  • develop new means to tackle global challenges and to enhance a growth mindset 
  • becoming a trailblazer whose skills can be used in various areas of expertise
     from management to education
  • Interdisciplinary: open to various areas of expertise



UC Leuven-Limburg is – in a way – ‘bilingual’; we speak both the academic and the professional language, and are a key player in the process of a better understanding between higher education and its practical application in the workplace.

Job market

UC Leuven-Limburg offers profession-oriented degree programmes on a professional bachelor level.  Our programmes guarantee a successful start on the job market:

  • 93% of our alumni has found a job or continues to study within 6 months of graduation
  • International oriented professionals are in increasing demand in the wider regions of Leuven and Limburg.