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studies on sustainable development and international cooperation

(Former title: Advanced Bachelor International Cooperation North-South )

  • Do you have critical considerations on sustainability and ecology, development cooperation and global inequality?
  • Have you obtained a bachelor's or master's degree?
  • Are you looking for a responsible commitment as a volunteer in the South? 

Then you could be the world citizen we are looking for!

internship in the south

This programme aims to encourage young people to become critical and committed world citizens. We do this by offering an established quality experience of 6 months in one of the following developing regions:

focus of the programme of development studies

As a preparation, you will enroll in an intensive interdisciplinary start programme for two months. You will be assigned a placement in a project and an academic counsellor (coach) with whom you cooperate intensively during the internship.

During and after the internship, as a student you go through a process wherein you reflect upon your own evolution and the intercultural, global and developmental aspects of your experience.

It's a one-year bachelor programme of 60 ECTS credits. It is available in English or in Dutch.

This programme focuses on intensifying broad international and intercultural competences. As a student you will not be trained on deepening your specific professional competences linked to your bachelor's or master's degree. You acquired these already.

The Advanced Bachelor Programme Global Citizenship and Development is a unique programme in Europe.


  • September until October: classes start half September in Leuven for 2 months.
  • From November to May: you will live and work with one of our partner organisations in the South depending on your preferences and competences. 
  • In May and June: the year is concluded with (4) exams and a presentation of your final assessment in Leuven. 

More on the structure of the programme of the Advanced Bachelor


Our team takes pride in the intensive guidance of its students. We strive for finding a match between you as a candidate, your background and interests on the one hand and our partners and their fields of activity in the global South on the other hand.