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Internships in development projects in Brazil  

Fields of activity of our partners:

  • children's and youth education
  • guidance of street children, teenage mothers and disabled children or youngsters
  • social work and community building
  • artistic and cultural education
  • physical education: surf, capoeira, samba, dance, ballet, soccer, martial arts, games
  • ecology and environment: biological food, ecological lifestyle, waste sorting, clean beach, recycle art
  • urban development, community gardens
  • human rights and empowerment
  • poverty reduction and literacy programmes
  • health care


  • in remote village communities in natural habitats
  • in provincial towns
  • working-class areas or favelas of the big cities of Salvador da Bahia and Fortaleza

internships in development projects in peru

What our partners work on:

in Ayacucho

  • guidance and schooling of street children, of teenage mothers and of children with physical disabilities
  • social entrepreneurship, sustainable agriculture and alternative tourism

in Pisac

children's rights, indigenous peoples and education

in San Jeronimo (village close to Cusco)

​ecology, waste reduction, community development

in San Jeronimo

elderly care, health prevention, education of vulnerable children

in San Sebastian

capacity building with poor families, working with vulnerable groups (children, youngsters and elderly)