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internships in development work projects in india

  • social workers, psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, journalists, communication specialists, political sciences, journalists or students with an interest or background in human rights: in projects in Goa on labour and human rights, emancipation of dalits, children and people living with hiv and homosexuals
  • educators, teachers, youth workers, healthcare professionals and people with an interest or experience in education: in projects in Goa on guidance of children with disabilities, elderly care or to help organize workshops on health prevention and social empowerment
  • students with an interest in alternative tourism: in a project on sustainable tourism in Goa
  • engineers, economists, tourism or heritage students, historians and students with an interest in ecology, rural and urban development: in projects in Kerala on waste processing in slums, recovery after natural disasters, heritage, micro-credits and social economy

internships in development work projects in sri lanka

  • lawyers, anthropologists, journalists, political scientists or other profiles who are interested in human and women rights and the political situation of Sri Lanka: in a human rights organisation, a women organisation or a feminist movement  
  • teachers, social workers, educationalists, psychologists, occupational therapists, (social) nurses and physiotherapists: in specialised schools for children with impairments and educational centres for teachers who work with 'disabled' children, a family replacement home for youngsters, in (Tamil) schools at tea plantations or at homes for children and women with severe impairments

Internships in development projects in Bhutan

What do our partner organisations work on?

  • democracy, civil rights and political participation
  • promoting social equality and justice
  • raising awareness on specific social issues
  • increase media literacy, go against fake news
  • promote women's rights
  • activities related to the environment, waste management
  • economic empowerment of disadvantaged groups
  • audio-visual and digital documentation of traditions and histories handed down orally
  • archiving old writings from monasteries
  • lessons and activities, sports and games for children with mild to moderate disabilities