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International Educating Class (IEC)
Postgraduate certificate

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First upcoming info moment International Educating Class (IEC):

why follow this international educating class (iec)?

If you seek to contribute to the building of peace, sustainable development, and intercultural dialogue, this postgraduate program blends theory and practice of capacity building, development work, and education into one exploratory and enterprising trajectory. In an international environment you will expand your view on the meaning, impact and organization of future education.

"Participating in this programme has helped me to develop creative responses for today's needs in education."


"I have increased my intercultural competence, peace and tolerance sense, research and English skills. I became  a true global citizen."


Solidarity in times of corona by our students

"This program prepared me to work in a multicultural environment. I adopted new views by listening to lectures and through conversations with other students."


Who can join this graduate programme?

The IEC welcomes qualified teachers as well as other bachelors, masters or graduates from all over the world. You are interested in applying educating competences in your professional and personal life. 

"I was looking for a life experience that would offer more than just something about education or teaching."


The programme has been officially recognized by the Flemish Ministry of Education in Belgium and is supported by UNESCO. Graduates receive an officially recognized certificate. It does not lead to a teacher’s certificate though for those who enroll with another qualification.

Aarthi's graduation speech