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sTUDY ABROAD @ ucll, Belgium

The international info days and video chats have taken place in March, April and May. Therefore, you can no longer join those oriented at international students until the next editions. Request updates below, in order to be notified of our next international info day!

Alternatively (or additionally), you can request the brochure or contact us directly (for a videochat or to ask for more information) .  Please check our FAQ-page as well!

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At UCLL, we know there's more to studying abroad than innovative, interactive education methods and obtaining a degree which will impress any future employer. Our moving minds also  get acces to top-notch culture, sports and travel opportunities.  The best part? You'll feel right at home: we've got your back from visa guidance to buddies. Read more below!

What is a degree programme?



1 - 3 years

started and completed at the same educational institution

upon successful completion of the full programme, you will obtain a degree of that institution. If you opt for a degree   programme at UCLL, you will graduate with a UCLL degree, rather that of any other institution.

Degree programmes therefore cannot be part of another programme or course of study (in either Belgium or another country).



For a short course after which you will obtain a certification of participation rather than a degree, check our short programmes.

If you are looking for a one-semester stay within another course of study in another teaching institution, various exchange programmes are awaiting you.

what is an exchange programme?

the essentials of an exchange programme


 a three- to six-month study

allows you to do a part of your studies or internship abroad

 therefore can only be part of another programme or course of study (in either Belgium or another country). The European version of this is called ‘Erasmus’.

When you have obtained all necessary credits to graduate, you return to your home educational facility and obtain a degree of your original teaching institution rather than that of the one you stayed with abroad..


not what you were looking for?

  •  short course after which you will obtain a certification rather than credits imbedded in another programme, check our short programmes.
  • If you are looking for year programmes, to obtain a (first or second) full bachelor’s degree, our Bachelor programmes await you.
  • If it is a one-year or one-semester programmes, to obtain an additional degree at UCLL after already having obtained your first bachelor’s degree that you seek, we can recommend our Continuing Education Programmes.

what is a short programme?

More than studying alone!

do you want a sneak peak?

This was the first week of students at the start of this academic year 2020-2021

More info about the programmes

Business Management - option Marketing

track in Belgium

3 years previous degree not needed Marketing oriented
  track across Europe 3 years

previous degree not  needed

Marketing oriented
Advanced Business Management

International Management

1 year previous degree  needed Marketing oriented

Design Thinking & Innovation

1 year previous degree  needed Marketing oriented

Postgraduate  International Educating Class (IEC)

  1 semester - 1 year previous degree  needed Teaching oriented

Advanced bachelor Global Citizenship and Development

  1 semester - 1 year previous degree  needed Aiding developing countries
Info session on application requirements, visa, student housing   / /  



three years, leuven based, no previous bachelor/master needed



• a hands-on, practice-oriented bachelor programme, taught in English
• a 3 year business management programme with a focus on Marketing
• Full programme in Belgium


for whom?

High school graduates...

• who are passionate about business
• who are fascinated by trends, consumer needs and communication
• who enjoy working in small, multicultural teams
• who are excited about the challenge of studying in English


why join?

• to gain valuable experience in Marketing know-how
• to be coached and mentored by industry experts
• to launch your career in Europe
• to boost your worldwide postgraduation opportunities
• to become a member of a supportive international community


Three years, three countries, no previous bachelor/master needed



• a professionally oriented bachelor programme taught in English
• the track across Europe of a Business Management study
• an applied education with a focus on Marketing



• high school graduates around the world
• who are ready to expand their boundaries, explore new horizons and gain international experience
• who have affinity for the English language
• who want to become independent, curious and open-minded
• who like to gain international friendships for life


• to become an agile and empathic young professional
• to obtain a double degree
• to gain many interesting postgraduation opportunities , both in Belgium and internationally



one year, in leuven, previous bachelor/master needed

Sharpen your management and leadership skills for international jobs.


• post-initial bachelor programme
practice-based learning in English
• taught by professionals & business experts
• focus on professional skills & career development



• bachelor or master graduates
• fascinated by international business
• aspiring to work in an international environment
• keen on managing a global team


• to kick off an international career
• to expertly master intercultural and leadership skills
• to be groomed in dealing with international customers
• to learn how to negotiate cross-border deals
• to manage an international team


ADVANCED BUSINESS MANAGEMENT -> TRACK Design thinking & innovation

one year, in leuven, previous bachelor/master needed

Learn out-of-the-box to create future-proof concepts for organisations worldwide.



• post-initial bachelor programme
• practice-based learning in English
• taught by professionals & business experts
• focus on professional skills & career development



• bachelor or master graduates
• eager to see the world from a new point of view
• fascinated by innovation and creative problem solving
• aspiring a career that crosses borders



• to learn how to apply Design Thinking methods
• to create innovative, future-proof business solutions
• to experience a forward-looking learning environment
• to be inspired by our partnership with Finnish UAS Laurea



Half a year to a year (your choice), in Leuven, previous bachelor/master needed

Educating for a sustainable future


• UNESCO-associated single semester or one-year programme
• empowers you to become an agent of positive change and peace
• teaches you to thrive in a variety of learning contexts
• equips you with new tools for creative responses in both your professional and personal life
• primes you to engage in positive innovative action for the future



• bachelor or master graduates who are interested in education
• who are a teacher or seek a career in education
• who want to develop and improve competences for their professional and personal life
• who want to contribute to sustainable and equitable development
• who are energized by intercultural dialogue and the building of peace



• to contribute to peace, sustainable development and intercultural dialogue
• to blend theory and practice of capacity building, development work and education
• to explore this potential through an enterprising trajectory in a global context
• to expand your view on the meaning,
impact and organization of future


Advanced Bachelor Global Citizenship & Development

one year, in leuven, previous bachelor/master needed


Combine a theory crash course with a longterm internship in development aid and international cooperation.


  •  Europe’s one-year (60 ECTS) advanced bachelor programme on global development studies
  •  a 9-week interdisciplinary preparation in Belgium before joining a a 6-month established quality internship within NGOs and developmental projects
  • a once-in-a-lifetime community immersion in Bhutan, India, La Reunion, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Senegal, Uganda or Benin - internships the European region are available as well
  •  a boost to your intercultural, global and developmental understanding
  • available in English and in Dutch


  • bachelor or master degree students who want to intensify their international and intercultural competences
  • who want to learn more about sustainable development, international cooperation and global inequality
  • or who have a need for extra training and hands-on practice in this field of work



• continuous coaching by your personal academic counselor
• to become a critical and committed world citizen
• to reflect on and learn from your own evolution during your intercultural and developmental experience abroad
• to supplement the specific professional competences linked to your bachelor’s or master’s degree to take on a responsible commitment as a volunteer in the South

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