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Have you taken the plunge and decided to come and study here as a degree-seeking student? Welcome to UC Leuven-Limburg! You can be sure that our courses will provide added value that will be of use to you later in life.

Find out here exactly how the admission process works. It may vary depending on the type of degree you wish to pursue and your educational background.

Perhaps you may want to familiarise yourself with our academic information first.

We will accept your application for the academic year 2017-2018 as of 1 November 2016.

You seek an answer to your questions even after reading these pages? Or perhaps you have a friend or colleague who might be interested in applying? And you wish to pose these questions directly to us?

You can participate in our Skype session at Thursday 12 January 2017 from 16.00h until 17.00h (pm) (Brussels time). Staff members from the International Office and the various English-spoken programmes will be present to answer your questions.

A programme in English?

A growing number of our degree programmes is taught in English. Our minimum diploma and language requirements can be found in the admission procedure for an English-spoken degree programme. The admission procedure varies slightly according to the programme you would apply for:

Your application package will also contain this application form.

Deadlines for application are: 1st of May for non EEA students who require a visa to study in Belgium and 15th of August for EEA students  or non EEA students residing in Belgium with a residence permit valid after 31st of October.  More details can be found in the specific admission procedures mentioned above.

A programme in Dutch?

UC Leuven-Limburg offers a range of profession-oriented bachelor programmes. Most of our programmes are taught in Dutch. In case you hold a non-Flemish diploma and you wish to apply for a Dutch-speaking programme you must note that fluency in Dutch is required at the moment you apply for a Dutch-spoken degree. Your application package will need to contain this application form. All students who do not hold a Flemish diploma, secondary school or higher education, are required to submit their application to international@ucll.be and via regular mail.

A fair recognition and admission procedure

UC Leuven-Limburg guarantees you a fair screening of your application. Our guideline for the recognition of your diplomas is based on the Lisbon Recognition Convention. This European-wide convention states that students must be provided with access to higher education with the diplomas they present if they would be given access to higher education in the country where the diplomas were obtained. We make use of the EP-Nuffic database.

Should you wish to appeal the result of your admission procedure or of your request for the recognition of prior learning, you can send your complaint and completed application file to the Chair of the Committee for Appeal, francis.loyens@ucll.be with the topic 'Appeal procedure + your name'. The Committee holds regular meetings.