Overslaan en naar de inhoud gaan

During this specialised programme we will offer a combination of theory, practice and research and an intensive supervised course before, during and after returning from the South. The preliminary course of 8 weeks is a combination of modules in which introductory and conceptual frameworks on topics such as politics, economy, globalisation, intercultural communication, sustainable levers for development constitute central issues.

At the beginning of November you will then leave for a period of 6 months. During this practice-oriented work placement the students assess this knowledge and conceptual framework against reality in a developing region. Concerning the organisation of the work placement you will engage in a commitment; however, it the the entire concept of living and working there that has a pivotal role in our programme.  During this living, housing and working experiences you will integrate your 'theoretical and methodical knowledge' into the reality of the local community. Therefore our efforts will target an intensive personal coaching process during which students will critically question and acquire their reference frame and the offered conceptual frameworks; (learning to) realise the importance, influence and interconnection of it.

After your return the lecturers and supervisors guide the students for 8 weeks in order to absorb and to assimilate their experiences. 

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