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India offers a wide array of possibilities. Social workers,  remedial educationalists, psychologists, journalists or communication specialists may, for instance, gain experience by taking part in projects concerning labour and human rights, guidance and education of children with impairments, emancipation of Dalits, HIV-AIDS and integration of homosexuals.  Engineers, tourism or heritage professionals and historians have a chance to explore topics such as waste processing in slums, recovery after natural disasters, agriculture and heritage. Teachers, educators, anthropologists, nurses, economists and candidates of other disciplines will also find their liking for this multifaceted and interesting country.

A human rights organisation and a women organisation in Sri Lanka offer work placements for lawyers, anthropologists or political scientists who are interested in human rights, women rights and the political situation in Sri Lanka. Teachers, social workers, (remedial) educationalists, psychologists, occupational therapists, (social) nurses and physiotherapists can work in specialised schools for children with impairments and educational centres for teachers who work with 'disabled' children, for a feminists movement, a family replacement home for youngsters, in (Tamil) schools at tea plantations or at homes for children and women with severe impairments.

Furthermore, we offer internship places in Bhutan