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Work placements in Brazil take place in Tocantins (Central Brazil) and in the north-east (coastal area Ceara), in local communities, working-class areas or favelas of a big city, projects relating to youth education and community building in local Brazilian towns, but also in more remote village communities in natural habitats.  

Committed students are welcome in the Ceara region to work on specific local projects. This includes profiles such as social workers, remedial educationalists and graduates in social rehabilitation sciences, teachers and nurses, journalists and students of communication sciences.  Students with a degree in international politics, sociology, economics or management are also needed in Ceara.  Our South partners in Ceara focus on specific domains such as socially inclusive economy, human rights, sustainable development, preventive health care, poverty reduction and youth education.

Physiotherapists, remedial educationalists, occupational therapists, communication scientists and social workers are required in Tocantins.  They are need in different projects in the health care sector, out-of-school (art) educational projects and organisations that work together with children and adolescents with an impairment. An NPO that, among others, looks after an agricultural school, is willing to welcome agricultural and bio-engineers as well as those who are interested in the (social) movement of landless farmers. 


Furthermore, we can offer interesting internships in Paraguay and Peru