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Midwives and nurses may work in dispensaries and hospitals in Benin.  Engineers holding a Bachelor degree in biochemistry may work in a laboratory of a hospital. In nursery and elementary schools teachers may work on fine motor skills with children and teach basic English. A civil or industrial engineer may cooperate in a project concerning the installation of solar panels in order to provide electricity in disadvantaged villages.   Graduates with a Master in Communication Sciences, anthropologists, pedagogues... may contribute their ideas, negotiate, encourage students, evaluate projects relating to the training of young farmers...Economists may cooperate in a start-up centre to support young people and women and to coach their young enterprises or their company in the making. Pedagogues, social workers, anthropologists may teach college students in developing their self-esteem.

In the north-west of Cameroon (English speaking) schools and educational projects can provide placements for pedagogues, psychologists, social workers or teachers. In addition, political scientists, lawyers and/or criminologists, social workers, journalists or communication specialists may find placements in an organisation working on women rights and an organisation working on land grabbing. A project that is involved in water supply systems is interested in engineers or people with a technical training. Also graduates in management techniques are welcome. Furthermore, there is work for nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and doctors in a hospital or a rehabilitation and health centre.  Occupational therapists,  remedial educationalist, physical education teachers and people with a musical training may find placements in a day centre for children and adolescents with a mental impairment. Agronomists and people with a (social)economic and/or management degree may work in organisations that are committed in consolidating (micro)enterprises.

Pedagogues, teachers and social workers also have the choice to go to Senegal where they can, among others, support teachers in an elementary school affiliated with the Senegalese scouts or in a school for deaf children or children with Down syndrome. Nurses, midwives and dieticians are welcome in a health centre for disadvantaged people, in a centre for severely malnourished children or in a hospital. Journalists, communication specialists or social workers are welcome in an organisation of women for women and an organisation for sustainable development. Agricultural engineers, biologists, physicists, but also training providers and people with a (social)economic and/or management degree may find placements in an organisation that unites banana producers in the area around the Gambia river or an organisation that supports farmers and women groups in the Groundnut Basin region.