Overslaan en naar de inhoud gaan
  • Have you obtained a Bachelor or Master's degree?
  • Have you got an outspoken interest in global and North-South issues as well as interculturalism?
  • Would you like a specific commitment in the South?

Then maybe this one year Bachelor's degree is something for you!

Our South partners are looking for a wide array of profiles and they offer, amongst others, work placements for Bachelor graduates in Business Management, ICT, Nursing and Midwifery, Dietetics and Nutrition, Social Work, Remedial Education, Occupational Therapy, but also for teachers, economists, chemists, journalists... Furthermore, Master graduates in (Bio- or Agricultural) Engineering, Pharmacy, Pedagogy, Law or Political and Social Sciences etc. In order to work on topics such as children's rights, health, ecology and sustainability,  community building and indigenous peoples, human and women rights, education, solidarity economy, youth, wellbeing, and social entrepreneurship.

This Bachelor's degree offers, in other words, possibilities for graduates of Bachelor and Master's programmes of diverse areas and is explicitly focused on supporting their career profiles with respect to employability in an international labour market. You are expected to continue elaborating on your previously acquired competences as well as on your intercultural competences in the South .