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  1. Tuition fees
  • Variable amount: €50 per ECTS
  • Registration for 30 ECTS: €1500
  • Registration for the Full Postgraduate programme 60 ECTS: €3000
  1. Costs for living

    Applicants are required to provide evidence of sufficient funds to cover academic and living expenses. You must certify that you will have a minimum income of at least 750 EURO per month for the entire duration of the intended study period in Belgium. If you intend to bring your family to Belgium, you must provide evidence of a higher income.

    We are able to provide you with a ‘Blocked Account Procedure’. This could speed up your future visum application. More information will be provided once you receive admission.

  2. Costs for study trips and workshops

    The following learning activities are obligatory, but not included in the tuition fee:

Fall Programme

  • Study trip to The Netherlands: UNESCO office, Peace Palace The Hague, and IHE Water Institute Delft
  • Study trip to Brussels: Courthouse and Flemish Parliament
  • Two-day seminar on intercultural communication

Total extra cost: max €300.

Spring Programme

  • KULMUN: simulation of specific UN organs
  • Study trip to Paris: Visit to OECD, IIEP and UNESCO headquarters
  • ASPnet Conference: A one-day workshop allowing you to participate in think tanks and formulate advice to the National UNESCO Offices

Total extra cost: max  €300.