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DOBA Business School



DOBA Business School offers  the following unique online master's programme in an abridged form. Please click the  link below for detailed information.

  • For students banaba Advanced Business Management  track: Cultuurmanagement, Data & Analytics, Design Thinking & Innovation,  Digitale Marketing & Communicatie ,  HRM,  International  Management, Management & Ondernemen,  Purchasing & Operations Management,  Sportmanagement


Contact person

  • DOBA Business School - Maribor,  Slovenia -
  • More information on the programme can be found here or contact  marina.letonja [at] (dr. Marina Letonja) for any other additional information.


%20owusuba2 [at] (​(link sends e-mail))Tuiton fee

  • The tuition fee for 2020-2021  is €9.662  for the entire abridged master 
  • Students can pay the tuition fee in 3 instalments.  The first payment is due upon enrolment


j.gardener [at] ((link sends e-mail))

Admission requirements and application

  • Bachelor-post-bachelor in Advanced Business Management degree without tolerated fails
  • Advanced level of English
  • October intake
  • Complete the pre-application form below to request the application procedure and the application form
  • Deadline to apply is 15 June

Other information

  • The programme lasts 16 months and is provided fully online
  • All information on this page may be subject to change

Pre-application form