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Before starting your application, please make sure that you have read and understood our Application Requirements.


Who needs to create an account

I already have or once had a KU Leuven Association account

If you have ever applied as a prospective student at any of the following KU Leuven Association members:

  • KU Leuven
  • LUCA School of Arts
  • UC Leuven-Limburg
  • Vives Zuid
  • Vives Noord
  • Odisee

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I do not have and never have had a KU Leuven Association account

If you have never applied as a prospective student at any of the of the following KU Leuven Association members:

  • KU Leuven
  • LUCA School of Arts
  • UC Leuven-Limburg
  • Vives Zuid
  • Vives Noord
  • Odisee

please click on the link  "Create a KU Leuven Association account". 

You will need this student account to start your  online application.

Online Application



UC Leuven-Limburg is a partnership between 2 fully accredited universities of applied sciences, UC Leuven and UC Limburg.

Click on the programme you want to apply for:


Online Application User Manual

Add application

  1. Click the '+' button in the Applications section on the main page to add an application
  2. Choose the type of programme
  3. Select the academic year
  4. Choose your specific programme by using the search tool
  5. Complete any additional information that is requested
  6. Click on the Edit icon on the right side of your screen in the “Applications” section to complete your application(s).

Upload Attachments

  • After having saved your application, you must upload all required documents as attachments in the 'Attachments' tab.

    Attach each required and relevant document by selecting the attachment type and upload the file in PDF format only  by pressing the '+' button on the right. 

  •   You should be able to use the attachment type 'diploma(s) and transcripts' multiple times.  If not, use the attachment type 'Others' to upload additional files. 

    We require diploma and transcripts.

  • In case you have a non-Belgian passport and a Belgian residence permit, please upload colour scans of both.  The  Belgian residence permit must be uploaded under type  'Others'.
  • Dutch or English proficiency certificate is not labeled as a required document. 

    However, if the application requires proof of language test result (see Application Instructions), you must upload it.

  • Application fee does not apply to Belgian and Netherlands citizens/long-time residents (+2 years) to be proven by passport and/or residence permit.    

    In that case please upload a blank pdf file titled "application fee does not apply" because  proof of payment is a required  attachment.

Pay Application Fee

The application fee does not apply to Belgian and Netherlands citizens and/or long-term residents (+2 years).  Upload a pdf file titled  ‘fee is waived, Belgian/Dutch citizen/resident’ (choose the one that applies) instead.

All other applicants are required to  pay a 50 euro non-refundable application fee. Your local bank my charge a transaction fee. Any transfer costs must be covered by the applicant.
For the time being, the application fee can only be  paid by bank transfer:

  • To: UC Leuven-Limburg, Geldenaaksebaan 335, B-3001 Leuven,
  • Belfius Bank, Pachecolaan 44, B-1000 Brussels
  • IBAN code: BE33 7865 4858 0046
  • BIC code: GKCCBEBB
  •   (!) Add referenceApplication fee" and “first name + last name”.

Upload the proof of payment (a screenshot of your payment) in the 'Attachments' tab. Please note that your application file will only be processed if you have uploaded the proof of payment.  


  • The submit button will only be activated after accepting the disclaimer.

  • If one or more of the required documents are missing you will receive an error message.

    Please upload the requested documents before resubmitting your application.

  • If your application meets the minimum requirements for completeness, a snapshot of your personal data will be sent to our admissions database. 

  • If you wish to update your personal data after  submitting your application, please contact sends e-mail) . These changes will not be forwarded automatically.

                                      Create a KU Leuven Association account

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