Overslaan en naar de inhoud gaan

Are you a prospective degree student? Have you already received your ‘Letter of Admission’ ?  Very well, you may start the registration process right now.  The registration process consists of 2 steps.

Please remember that registration is completed only when you have gone through both steps.

You are an international student but do not hold an Admission Letter yet? Please refer to our admission procedure.


Online pre-registration is mandatory and will speed up the definitive registration.

What do you need?

  • Passport, ID card or residence card
  • Bank account number (only when you already have a Belgian bank account) , for instance in case tuition fee must be reimbursed
  • Printer (you will receive confirmation of your online pre-registration through email, so you can print at a later time)

The online pre-registration for the academic year 2017-2018 is now available.


Your final registration for the 2017-2018 academic year must be done before the start of the academic year. 

When and how to schedule an appointment? 
You will be able to schedule an appointment between 16 August and 16 September 2017  at the Proximus campus by  choosing your preferred date below (set choice of language at the bottom of appointment page) .

Dates will be available here after 1 June 2017.

During your final registration, you will be able to talk to our social services officers, for instance when you want to apply for a Flemish scholarship (Belgian taxpayers only).

What to bring?

  • Your Letter of Admission
    Important!  In case you did not send us the original documents for admission (diploma + language test results) we expect you to present these originals  as well.  
  • Your passport or ID card
    Important!   If you are a non-EEA citizen, you must present  a valid visa for Belgium (usually stamped in your passport)
  • A printed copy of your online pre-registration
  • If you rent a student room: copy of your rental agreement


After the final registration, you will receive your student card, instructions on how to activate your student account and various attestations (e.g.to obtain a train pass at student rate). You will receive a money transfer form for your tuition fee payment.  

Please activate your student account immediately, open your student emailbox and log on to our Intranet to find information about the start of the academic year.

Welcome to UC Leuven-Limburg!