Overslaan en naar de inhoud gaan

registration @ UC Leuven-Limburg

If you have a degree issued in Flanders or The Netherlands, please got to our Dutch-language  pages  'Inschrijven'  to check the admission requirements (Toelatingsvoorwaarden) and register if you qualify.

Do you have  a degree from another country?  In that case, you must have submitted an online application  and follow the steps below.

Step 1:
When your online application displays the status   "admission letter sent" ,  download your  digital admission letter, answer  required privacy questions, and click on 'save' to  confirm your admission.

Step 2
The appointment planner for on-campus registration  is available (registration by appointment only). 
Please  make an appointment by clicking on the date. 

EEA = European Economic Area includes EU member states + Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein.

19 August 2019     (EEA students only)

20 August 2019    (EEA students only)

26 August 2019    (EEA students only)

27 August 2019    (EEA students only)

29 August 2019    (EEA students only)

2 September 2019     (EEA students only)

5 September 2019    (AM: EEA students only; PM: non-EEA students only)

9 September 2019     (AM: non-EEA students only; PM: EEA students only)

10 September 2019 AM     (non-EEA students only)

12 September 2019    (EEA students only)


Should you arrive after 12 September, please email  inschrijvingen.leuven@ucll.be and mention 'request registration appointment after 12/9' in the subject line and state your full name and study programme at UCLL in the body of the email.

Bring  your passport  (all students) or  national ID card (EU citizens only) and your relevant diploma(s) .
At that time, you will also be asked whether you want to purchase a student bus pass, student sports card, student culture card .
Please make sure to read these web pages before coming to campus.