Overslaan en naar de inhoud gaan

If you have recently registered with UC Leuven-Limburg, we congratulate you on joining the “Moving Minds” and welcome you to Campus Proximus Heverlee. Below you find our recommended steps for a carefree start at UCLL.

If you haven't registered yet, see the remainder of this page as an excellent early orientation for in case you ultimately do decide to study with us.

steps to take • a smooth  start in 1, 2, 3

Step 1 guides you through the online launch of your academic year. Once you've completed that, Step 2 steers you through the diversity of welcome activities on campus. When you've finished those, Step 3 gives you tips for a pleasant beginning of your actual classes.

stEp 1: get access

At the moment of registration, you received your UCLL student card and a scratchcard with instructions for activating your student account. Perform this activation carefully and make sure to remember your chosen password. After activating wait at least 24 hours and then enter this password and the user ID of your student card (labeled "Gebruiker") as your login data for the following essential UCLL systems:

  • Access to your UCLL mailbox, where all your mail from UCLL arrives after student account activation. We do not communicate on paper, only by email to your UCLL mailbox: CHECK IT PROMPTLY at webmail.student.ucll.be and keep doing so regularly afterwards!
  • Access to intranet.ucll.be, the only place online that collects all key UCLL-data like: newsflashes on your study program, your class timetable, the campus layout, your list of textbooks to buy, the who-is-who list, today's menu in the restaurant and much more.
  • Access the internet via the free WIFI network Eduroam throughout the entire campus Proximus Heverlee, all other UCLL campuses and many more.
  • Access to class rooms, stairways and corridors of the campus building after your student account has been activated for a whole day, by holding your student card next to the door scanners.
  • Access to the campus payment system. Your student card is a payment card also. Once you've charged your student card with an amount of money on campus, you can pay with it in the library, the restaurant, at the vending machines... In short: always carry your student card with you.


After you have done all logins of Step 1, you will be fully prepared to go meet your key players on campus:

  • The NOT-TO-MISS kick-off events are when you meet your fellow students, lecturers and coaches. We tell you everything you need to know about your study program and how to find your way on campus:
    • For newly arriving BME-students and first-year BBM-students the kickoff is on Monday, September 17th and Tuesday, September 18th in campus Proximus Heverlee.  On the kick-off program page you'll find all the program details, as well as exactly where and when you're expected in the morning. 
    • For ABM-IM students, a briefer kick-off event takes place on Monday, September 17th from 4pm to 6pm on campus Proximus Heverlee and starts in Aula D080. 
  • You can purchase your textbooks and syllabi on our premises from Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th September, during the on campus sale by publishing company ACCO. Later in the year you can do so in Acco's webshop. Through intranet.ucll.be you can access your personal textbook list.
  • Wondering if you are eligible for exemptions? Contact the student trajectory coach of your study program with an email from your UCLL mailbox. Your student trajectory coach offers you many other types of support as well.  He/she coaches you through your education and assists you in work and deed. Do you need to change your year programme? Or do you struggle with your study planning? Your student trajectory coach will help to find a personal solution. Your student trajectory coach is:
  • The full range of student services is available to you. Looking for a student room or a student job? Curious about the sports facilities and cultural events on offer? Like to hire a cheap bike or buy a bus pass? Web page ucll.be/international/student-services should have all the pointers you need.


Now you are totally ready to go to class, with these additional tips for a comfy student life:

  • Easily reach the campus with the transport of your choice. From Leuven center or station, riding by bike, bus or car normally takes you here within 20 minutes. If you don't want to worry about delays during the busy peak hours, the bike is your fastest and healthiest choice. In this up-to-date overview of all your transport options you'll find out all about f.e. parking, bike rental, bus line choices and bus stop locations.
  • Provide a suitable laptop. Every management student of campus Proximus comes to class with a laptop. Make sure to review here all about specifications of appropriate laptops. At the campusshop.be webshop you'll receive a discount on suitable models with your UCLL login.

More information

Do you have any other questions? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly help you. Call +32 (0)16 37 53 00, or send an email to mt.leuven@ucll.be.

Attention please! As soon as you are registered and received your student number, please log in on the intranet of UCLL. On the intranet you can find all important information for a smooth progression of the academic year.