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Internships in development work projects in india

  • social workers, educators, teachers, psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, journalists or communication specialists: in projects concerning labour and human rights, guidance and education of children with impairments, emancipation of Dalits, HIV-AIDS and integration of homosexuals 
  • engineers, tourism or heritage professionals and historians: in projects on waste processing in slums, recovery after natural disasters, agriculture and heritage

internships in development work projects in sri lanka

  • lawyers, anthropologists or political scientists who are interested in human rights, women rights and the political situation: in a human rights organisation and a women organisation  
  • teachers, social workers, educationalists, psychologists, occupational therapists, (social) nurses and physiotherapists: in specialised schools for children with impairments and educational centres for teachers who work with 'disabled' children, for a feminists movement, a family replacement home for youngsters, in (Tamil) schools at tea plantations or at homes for children and women with severe impairments

internships in development work projects in bhutan