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Semester-long exchange programmes

For most of our study areas we have developed a semester-long exchange programme in English. You are most welcome to participate in this programme as an Erasmus or exchange student or as free mover student.  Below you will find information about the 2016-17 exchange programmes.  Please check back regularly for 2017-18 updates.   

    Applied Information Technology  and Exchange Programme Brochure 16-17  (new update 20/10/2016)
    Biomedical Laboratory Technology
    Business Management  and Exchange Programme Brochure 16-17 
    Nutrition and Dietetics
    Office Management  (same programme as Business Management)
    Social Work  (joint programme with our Limburg campus, hosted in Leuven)
    Teacher Education: International Educating Class, Fall Semester , Spring Semester, and Exchange Programme Brochure 16-17

* Required vaccinations for Midwifery/Nursing students:

  • Hepatitis B vaccine: at least the first two vaccinations before the start of the traineeship and preferably proof of antibody titre.  If insufficient antibody level, traineeship only allowed at low-risk ward.
  • tuberculosis:
    either proof of BCG vaccination (bacille Calmette-Guerin).  In certain countries, this vaccine is still given to children which is accepted,
    or a tuberculin test (e.g. Mantoux test) with proof of result.  Do not take the tuberculin test after BCG vaccination as it may cause a false positive result,
    or lung X-ray with proof of result.
  • Tetanus vaccination is no longer required.

Common International Programme (CIP) in Spring semester only ( Modifications expected for Spring 2018)

In addition to the specific study programmes, we provide common courses each Friday, grouped in our Common International Programme (CIP) which is open to all Erasmus or exchange students.  Each course is worth 3 ECTS credits.

  1. Dutch
  2. Social and Ethical Issues in IT    
  3. Cross-Cultural Communication   
  4. European Studies    

You may contact the international coordinator of the study area you are interested in if you wish to receive more specific information about our exchange programmes.