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Our campuses in Limburg are situated in Hasselt, Diepenbeek (only minutes from the city of Hasselt) and in Genk.

For the study areas Business Studies, Social Studies and Teacher Training we have developed an exchange programme in English. You are most welcome to participate in this programme as an Erasmus student or free mover student.

    Commercial Sciences and Business Administration
    Socio-Educational Care Work (Joint programme with our campus in Leuven)
    Teacher Education (CREOS programme)
For the study programmes Industrial Sciences & Technology, and Health Care we have tailor-made programmes in which you can participate as an Erasmus student or free mover student.

    Industrial Sciences and Technology (Project work or Research)
   Please contact Mrs. Greet Raymaekers

    Health care (Traineeships  at local hospitals)
    Please contact Mrs. Hilde Curinckx or Mrs. Ellen Westhof

Find all practical information about studying or training at UC Leuven-Limburg ( campusses Limburg) in our 2015-2016 Exchange Student Brochure.