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virtual innovation week

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Students participate in the business game Emerald Forest Hotel:

  • The students are divided into different multidisciplinary teams of 4 students.
  • Each team takes over a hotel that is in trouble due to the current crisis
  • A group of 10 teams competes with each other and forms a market.
  • Each team is challenged to come up with creative and innovative solutions to business issues.
  • Each team also has to set its objectives and make management and marketing decisions.
  • A team of professional coaches will give all teams feedback at the end of each day.
  • The decisions made by the different teams have a significant impact on the market, thus simulating real market conditions.
  • Social activities will be included to ensure commitment amongst the students as well as international learning.

At the end of the week the groups present their results within their market. All participants will receive a certificate, but the winning team will receive a virtual prize.