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Summer School for you ?

Summer is all about discovering the world, making memories by partaking into something out of the ordinary and stepping out of your comfort zone

… at least it is when you join one of our Summer Schools.

Sign up now for an unforgettable course on…

  • how to become a trailblazer within a classroom as well as within an organization, who can connect personal development to that of an organization in Summer School Moving for Sustainable Development (3 days)
  • how to use UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to recognize, evaluate and reflect on your own actions and visions and those of others to inspire change in Global teachers working on SDG's (3 days)
  • how to navigate effortlessly through the world of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology in Europe while discovering the Euregion (Aachen-Maastricht-Hassel) in Spirit of Europe (20 days)