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Summer School 'Moving for Sustainable Development'

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Moving for Sustainable Development

How can we better understand the complexity of the world around us?

What kind of world do we want for the future, within the limits of our Earth’s life support systems?

What can we do  as an individual (within an organization) to bring about change?

Sustainable development

Sustainable development, as formulated by UNESCO, means we need:

  • a transformation of how we think, feel and act about our Earth’s life support systems
  • sustainability change-makers with key competencies that allow them to engage with today’s world and to collaborate, speak up and act for positive change




  • developing your sustainable development competencies and empowers you to reflect on your actions and impacts (social, cultural, economic and environmental)
  • equipping you with the knowledge and competencies you need to engage as informed individuals in bringing about the necessary transformation in your personal live and in your organisation.
  • inspires you and your organisation to become more effective at understanding the insights of sustainable development
  • encouraging you to develop a plan so as to make your organisation more future-proof



You are...

  • a teacher
  • a member of a teachers' supporting staff
  • an educator in formal or non-formal setting
  • a manager or leader within an educational or welfare institution
  • a policy maker
  • someone who is interested in transformation towards a more inclusive and sustainable society


Practical information

Teaching method

Through an interactive and appreciative approach where we encourage people to reflect upon their values and choices and to share experiences . In this masterclass, we make use of presentations, brainstorm sessions, cases, …

Accomplishments at the end of the training


  • be aware of your own values and your own changemaker competencies
  • be able to create a personal and professional vision about future development
  • further develop your own change-maker competencies
  • be aware of the strengths of your organisation
  • be able to recognise opportunities for sustainable development in and of your organisation
  • be able to connect your personal development to the development of the organisation.


campus UC Leuven-Limburg (Hertogstraat) Leuven (Belgium)


Request of additional periods are possible. Please contact us to agree on alternative dates.

  • Period 1: 16/10/2018-18/10/2018 (Dutch)
  • Period 2: 03/07/2019-05/07/2019 (English)


325 euro (including training material, coffee break, lunch)


Should you need any further information, please contact Katrien Mertens ( or Véronique De Roeck ( .