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  usman abid

  blekinge institute OF technology,
  karlskrona, sweden



" So back to where all started, three weeks ago I was waiting for my flight at same place. It was a flight to the unknown, a flight with uncertainty, a flight outside of the comfort zone, a flight to unfamiliar people. People with just names.

Now three weeks later that flight was to a "known" place, that flight was to a great adventure, that flight was to a place now within my comfort zone, that flight was now to familiar people. People with just names then, now they were not ...just names any longer, they were more than that, they were new amazing friends. I

 got to share a room with who I thought would be the last person I would want to share room with, but the last person I wanna share room with, turned out to be the person I would wanna share the room on the whole trip. Even though we have NOTHING in common. All the dinners we had together to the time in the bar/club even though it was only a few times for me.

I want to thank all  friends for making this journey into memorable one. I hope we see each other some day in our life again."




Sydney Kohm

Missouri State University,

Springfield, USA


" In all I couldn’t have picked a better program to be part of this summer. I love getting to see Europe with those who have lived their whole lives there. I was such a great an experience and I would go back in a heartbeat  to see more.

Even though Europe may not have my sweet tea that I love, I found great food, even better friends and fantastic memories to cherish forever.

I remember thinking when I first got on the plane to leave that I had no idea what to expect.  Now that it is all  said and done, I  want nothing more than to go back and experience more. "



   kiley skuza

   northern university,
n, south dakota


" I know I personally would love to come back and see my friends again. I have made amazing friendships and I hope to keep them for a lifetime. The good-byes were so hard so I hope it was not a permanent good-bye."