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Working across Borders


the project: exploring cultures across the globe

Working across Borders is a virtual international consultancy project that will take place in the Fall of 2018.  Explore the challenges of doing business across the globe acting as a business consultant for an international company.  So start by analyzing the economic, political, social and cultural environment of a particular country. Next,  you'll explore business opportunities that can help achieve one or more UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Finally, you'll come up with recommendations for the policy of the company.

What’s it about?

  • Writing up a country analysis of a particular country based on PESTLE  and analysing  SDGs
  • Investigating sustainable business opportunities for an international company in this country
  • Building an international network



8 reasons to join

  • Broaden your horizon without extra costs 
  • Work together in a diverse student group
  • Practice your foreign language skills
  • Test your knowledge on sustainability and strategy 
  • Get to adopt another country’s perspective
  • Become a sustainability advocate
  • Put your intercultural skills to good use
  • Expand your global network


How does it work?

Together with your online team members:

  • Attend informative webinars on the topic
  • Participate in online work sessions with your team
  • Be coached online during your project
  • Perform during the progress meeting


Your virtual team?

  • Team up with students from different universities across the globe
  • Communicate via online tools of your choice (FB, Skype, …)
  • Online support via a platform community and online coaching


Key dates of the 2018 edition

  • Week of 1 October:  Deadline student online registration
  • October 22:   ​Kick-off
  • October 22 till November 22: 
    • Independent work sessions in virtual international teams
    • Virtual coaching via platform
  • November 9:  Finishing up country report
  • November 22 or 23:  ​  Online progress meeting with UCLL coach on business opportunities and SDGs
  • December 4:   ​ End of the project

Download a more detailed project outline.


You’ll be awarded the official Working across Borders 2018 certificate based on the quality of your team’s work.


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