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Praktische info

- vrijdag 1 februari 2019, 09u30 tot 16u30. 
- vrijdag 15 februari 2019, 09u30 tot 16u30.

Plaats: Hogeschool UC Leuven-Limburg, campus SSH, Groenweg 151 te 3001 Leuven.

Minimum aantal: 10 deelnemers.

Voor vragen, contacteer ons via pv-ssh@ucll.be(link sends e-mail).

Annuleringsvoorwaarden bij inschrijving in navorming

Uw inschrijving kan kosteloos per e-mail geannuleerd worden tot 10 werkdagen vóór de opleiding.  Indien uw annulering later bij ons toekomt, is de volledige inschrijvingsprijs verschuldigd. Wie niet kan deelnemen, kan zich kosteloos laten vervangen na melding per e-mail. Indien de inschrijving via een werkgever is gebeurd en deze laat na te betalen, is de deelnemer persoonlijk gehouden tot het betalen van de schuld.

Door verzending van het inschrijvingsformulier maakt u kenbaar de Algemene voorwaarden van UCLL hogeschool gelezen te hebben en te aanvaarden (https://www.ucll.be/algemene-voorwaarden). Bepaalde voorwaarden worden door bovenstaande bepalingen opgeheven.



190,00 euro - inclusief drank en broodjeslunch.

Analytisch nummer: 2 40 71 30 001.


Kris Mullens, maatschappelijk assistent, criminoloog, erkend familiaal bemiddelaar, ex-herstelbemiddelaar en procesbegeleider Columbus-project Alba.


Voor bemiddelaars uit allerhande sectoren of iedereen die vanuit zijn functie bemiddelend aan de slag gaat met conflicten.
Deze opleiding is erkend, in het kader van permanente vorming, door de federale bemiddelingscommissie voor 12u

study programme 2018-2019

General modules Study points Semester
Financial management 3
Human resource management 3
International business 3
Organization and change 3
Strategy design 2.0 3
Junior consulting project 25
Professional skills 5
Specific modules
Global marketing 3
International relations 3
Internationaal project management 3
Supply chain management & information systems for logistics 3
Sustainability & innovation 3
Total 60  


Click here for more details about the study programme 2017-2018.

During this specialised programme we will offer a combination of theory, practice and research and an intensive supervised course before, during and after returning from the South. The preliminary course of 8 weeks is a combination of modules in which introductory and conceptual frameworks on topics such as politics, economy, globalisation, intercultural communication, sustainable levers for development constitute central issues.

At the beginning of November you will then leave for a period of 6 months. During this practice-oriented work placement the students assess this knowledge and conceptual framework against reality in a developing region. Concerning the organisation of the work placement you will engage in a commitment; however, it the the entire concept of living and working there that has a pivotal role in our programme.  During this living, housing and working experiences you will integrate your 'theoretical and methodical knowledge' into the reality of the local community. Therefore our efforts will target an intensive personal coaching process during which students will critically question and acquire their reference frame and the offered conceptual frameworks; (learning to) realise the importance, influence and interconnection of it.

After your return the lecturers and supervisors guide the students for 8 weeks in order to absorb and to assimilate their experiences. 

Consult the course catalogue here.

Semester-long exchange programmes

For the study areas Business Studies, Social Studies and Teacher Training we have developed an exchange programme in English. For the study programmes in Technology and Health we have tailor-made programmes.

You are most welcome to participate in any programme as an Erasmus student or free mover student.  Below you will mostly find information about the 2018-19 exchange programmes.  Please check back regularly for the most recent updates. 

Common module "Design thinking"

A multidisciplinary, varied and challenging programme! In a common course of 12 ECTS credits on Community Design Thinking, you will do real life projects for a company or organisation in multidisciplinary mixed teams.   
This course can be combined  with max 18 credits in subject specific courses of the 5 Faculties (below)

Biomedical laboratory technology (Traineeships)

Chemical Engineering (Project work or Research)

Electrical, Electronical-ICT and Mechanical Engineering (Project work or Research)

Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation

Midwifery (Traineeships  at local hospitals)

Nursing (Traineeships at local hospitals)

Social work

Teacher Education (CREOS programme)

Programme structure

One year of study at UC Leuven-Limburg equals 60 ECTS credits. Our bachelor programmes of 180 ECTS credits thus normally take three years of study. Specific trajectories, many of those based on Recognition of Prior Learning, are available. Please contact us for more information.

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