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What makes a good teacher is the art of teaching. The very best teachers are those that use the love of their subject as a way of showing students more about the world. 

The research group Art of Teaching aims at developing subject pedagogical expertise in various education areas and making it accessible for learners of all ages, ranging from young children to adults learners. Teachers take up a central position in the educational process as an inspiring and unifying force.

Some of the group’s main goals are to connect specific, subjectrelated, pedagogical practices and research projects, to organise extra training courses, to offer contents tailored to students’ needs, to develop learners’ communities and international networks and to carry out practice-led research and publish the results.

Art of Teaching develops expertise in the following domains:

  • Generic Didactics & ‘Being a teacher’
  • Science & Technology
  • Physical Education
  • Language & Content Language Integrated Learning
  • Art, Culture & Society
  • Early Childhood Education