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All children have a right to education, whatever their abilities, needs, home language, … may be.

The expertise group Education for All focuses on research and services related to topics that stimulate high-quality education for each and every child. In that regard, we try to involve schools, teachers, mentors, but also teacher education programmes and teacher trainers.

Within Education for All, expertise gets developed and is offered in the following areas:

  • Inclusion and participation:
    countering exclusion mechanisms such as an early lack of opportunities in childhood, developing and implementing policies that aim at taking care of children with special needs and ensuring those policies are supported by all those involved.
  • Different home languages:
    Stimulating and giving language-based support to students who show a lack of language skills.
  • Talents:
    projects that embrace students’ and teachers-in-training’s strengths and talents.


UCLL Education for All
Hertogstraat 178
3001 Heverlee

T: +32 16 375630
E: lijne.vloeberghs@khleuven.be