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REAL Alternatives for life

2017 - 2020



It is a critical environmental objective for the refrigeration, air conditioning sector that it moves rapidly to low GWP refrigerants to replace high GWP Fgas refrigerants to reduce the projected 70m tonnes of co2 emissions from the sector by 2030. This project addresses knowledge, awareness and skills barriers to the rapid and widespread adoption of low GWP alternative refrigerants throughout Europe by providing reliable, unbiased,consistent and up to date training materials linked to an extensive train the trainer programme.

Objective 1 - To increase knowledge levels of the workforce of 228000 technicians on the safe use of low GWP alternative refrigerants carbon dioxide, ammonia and flammable hydrocarbons and HFO blends. To be achieved through low-cost, accessible multilingual e-learning and a train the trainer programme.

Objective 2 - To address inconsistencies in the skills levels across the EU in handling low GWP alternative refrigerants by providing training materials developed with input from a wide range of technical experts within 13 EU countries. This will use a collaborative approach, to identify and share best practice knowledge across member states that could reach 85% of installers. The project will produce training resources that can be replicated throughout the EU by licencing of materials - ensuringlong term sustainability.

Objective 3 - To overcome equipment user and distributor concerns over safety, reliability, containment, efficiency and standards compliance in low gwp refrigerant use by providing shared best practice experience, case studies of success and by carrying out a comprehensive awareness raising campaign across the EU.

Objective 4 - To support effective implementation of EU F Gas Regulation requirement for information to be made available by member states to operatives on low GWP alternative refrigerant technologies to support carbon emissions reducation Climate Change Policy, LIFE Climate actions in Governance and Information and Climate Change Mitigation.

By the end of this project those employed in the sector and users of cooling equipment across EU member states will have improved knowledge, skills and awareness of how to use low GWP refrigerants safely and minimise environmental impact of systems. This will ensure the sector is prepared for a rapid and safe change over to climate friendly technologies in new refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and to conversion of existing systems.



Institute of Refrigeration (UK)


London South Bank University (UK)


Associazione Technici del Freddo (IT)


Informatinformationszentrum fur Kalte, Klima und Energietechnik (DE)


Air Conditioning and Refrigeration European Association (BE)


Foundation for the protection of the ozone layer (PL)






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