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C.U.E.N.C.A. Doble Vía Project

Joint schooling in Leuven and Cuenca, Ecuador

Cooperation between Universities in actual Educational Needs for vulnerable Children and Adolescents, C.U.E.N.C.A. Doble Vía is working on the development of materials for a new Ecuadorian national educational platform that will be extended through the Salesian school community in several other Latin American countries such as Cuba and El Salvador. The material developed focuses on the most vulnerable children and young people (8-15 years old) and establishes a link with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). C.U.E.N.C.A. Doble Vía also develops systems to bring education to children through distance, virtual systems. Among other things, it collects second-hand computers and assembles new equipment with the collected material.


C.U.E.N.C.A. Doble Vía stimulates mutual learning (Doble Via, in both directions) through practical research and chaired projects and trainings. UCLL students and professors contribute to the project through research, knowledge exchange and joint development of material ̶ all linked to one or more SDGs. To this end, UCLL staff collaborate with Ecuadorian partners from the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana (UPS), the Catédra Unesco (UPS) and the Fundación Paces.

"We will take the experiences of Doble Vía in our hearts to make the world a better place to live in".

Christian Gutiérrez, UPS engineering student

Doble Vía won the Moving Minds 2019 award from UCLL and the Global Minds Award from VLHORA. (Flemish Council of Institutes of Higher Education).

Read the story of some UCLL students who collaborated on the project.

Through the Advanced Bachelor Global Citizenship and Development, there is also the possibility to do internships and research within the contours of this project.


What difference does your support make?

Your contribution, no matter how small, gives a child or young person in Ecuador one more chance for a better future. The funds raised will go entirely to the greatest educational need: bringing education to children and young people.

This can be about:

  • logistical support;
  • Meeting ICT needs;
  • The purchase of school and educational materials;
  • Training of young Ecuadorians (Fundación Paces) for the maintenance of the educational website.

It is also possible to help in other ways.

We are always looking for:

  • collaborations with organisations active in Ecuador;
  • Logistical support for the delivery of educational and other material;
  • Belgian host families for short-term accommodation of Ecuadorian exchange students;


PACES team with Edgar Gordillo (Foundation) and Ruben, UCLL student during his internship.