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11 DEC 2018 - 9 MEI 2019 Seminaries Biomedische laboratoriumtechnologie

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"Phage biology and its potential for antibacterial design strategies"

- Prof. Rob Lavigne -

Dit seminarie wordt gegeven in het Nederlands.

Korte inhoud

Lytic bacterial viruses recognize, infect and hijack the bacterial cell to produce progeny viruses. This process has been optimized through billions of years of co-evolution between bacteria  and their viruses (also termed bacteriophages, or phages). 

The Laboratory of Gene Technology studies this interaction to inspire new antibacterial design strategies as well as applications in biotechnology. This lecture offers a background into the basic biology of this virus-bacteria interplay and explores four principal strategies on antibacterial design: (1) Natural phage therapy and the preclinical parameters involved. (2) designer phage and the application of synthetic biology to improve phages as antibacterial compounds. As a third strategy (3) we explore how phage allow us to identify and exploit novel antibacterial targets. A fourth strategy focuses on the applications of phage enzyme-based antibacterials.


Since 2008 I work as principal investigator (professor, Faculty of BioScience Engineering) and head of the Laboratory of Gene Technology (Dep. Biosystems, KU Leuven).

I obtained my Master in Bioscience Engineering (2000) and PhD (2005)  within the Biosystems department (Group Science and Technology) of the KULeuven. During my FWO postdoc period I conducted research at the Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov institute (Prof. Vadim Mesyanzhinov, Moscow) and the University of Guelph (Prof. Andrew Kropinski, Canada).

During my scientific career, I’ve managed to establish a strong, internationally oriented profile, having served as chair of the International Committee for Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) committee on the taxonomy of bacterial viruses and member of the ICTV executive committee. Within the field of bacteriophage therapy I was (co-)founder of P.H.A.G.E., a European non-profit organization focusing on legislative/regulatory issues concerning bacteriophage therapy. In addition, I’ve been closely involved in the organization of several conferences and have presented over 50 keynote/invited lectures including those at several international conferences.

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Datum: donderdag 9 mei 2019 - start om 19u. Broodjes voorzien vanaf 18u30

Locatie:  UCLL, campus Gasthuisberg, aud. 005 , Herestraat 49 – 3000 Leuven

Studenten betalen 5 euro, externen 15 euro - inschrijven kan tot en met zondag 5/5/19.

Vragen? Sofie.pieraets@ucll.be (campus Diepenbeek) of karolien.decamps@ucll.be (Gasthuisberg).

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