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The Belgian Council of Laboratory Animal Science (BCLAS, http://www.bclas.be/(link is external)) organizes courses in accordance with the directives of the Belgian and European legislation which are based on the FELASA (Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations, http://www.felasa.org(link is external)) recommendations. FELASA has drawn up a series of recommendations on the knowledge and experience which should be acquired by those who work with laboratory animals or supervise them, in order to achieve a higher level of uniformity in Europe concerning the education and training.

Programma not yet known for 2018-2019

Start of the lessons: Second week of February 2019, each Monday and Wednesday from 13.00 till 17.00h

Location: Department G&W – UC Leuven-Limburg (auditorium 007) - The workshops are organized in Leuven (see below for more information).

Mo 12/02/18:      General introduction: history of animal research, legal guidelines and alternatives for laboratory  animal experiments

We 14/02/18:      Zootechnics and experimental procedures on laboratory animals. Pathology, hygiene and safety in an animal facility

Mo 19/02/18:      Applied genetics and comparative anatomy of some laboratory animals      

We 21/02/18:      Workshop 1: Handling of small animals (E. Dewil and L. Hendrickx, Animalium (De Croylaan 34,  Heverlee))                      

Mo 26/02/18:      Seminar: Chirurgical techniques applied on laboratory animals (V. Heedfeld)

We 28/02/18:      Anesthesia - Euthanasia

Mo 05/03/18:      Ethology, animal welfare, stress and anxiety 

We 09/03/18:      No class

Mo 12/03/18:      Workshop 2: Dissection of the rat (Rattus norvegicus) (Instituut voor Dierkunde - KU Leuven DeBeriotstraat, Leuven)

We 14/03/18:      Statistics (W. Berthels)

Mo 19/03/18:      Workshop 3: Guided tour at the animal facility of the Rega Institute and demonstration of some experimental techniques (G. Thijs and C. De Keyser, Rega Instituut (KU Leuven, Minderbroederstraat 11, Leuven))

We 21/03/18:      Seminar: The human use of animals for experiments & ethics (J. De Tavernier) handling of small animals handling of small animals


De kostprijs van deze permanente vorming bedraagt 300 euro per persoon, inclusief cursusteksten, materiaal en examengeld.

The course fee amounts 300 euro per person and includes all course material and exam fee.​

praktische informatie


Na de opleiding vindt het examen (schriftelijk) plaats. Een tweede examenkans wordt georganiseerd in de tweede examenperiode (augustus-september). Indien de student slaagt voor het examen en deelgenomen heeft aan de drie practica, ontvangt de cursist een getuigschrift proefdierkunde voor laboratoriumtechnologen-categorie B, conform het KB van 13-09-04. Dit getuigschrift is erkend door de federale overheidsdienst Volksgezondheid, veiligheid van de voedselketen en leefmilieu, afdeling Dierenwelzijn en stelt u als medewerker van een dienst of instelling die werkt met proefdieren in regel met de huidige wetgeving.

After the course, a written exam is organized.  A second exam chance is organized during the second examination period (August-September). Upon successful completion of the exam and participation of all three workshops, the student receives a certificate 'Laboratory animal science for biotechnicians Category B’ recognized by the competent government service.   

For more information about the course you may contact vicky.depreter@ucll.be(link sends e-mail)

Additional administrative information can be obtained at hilde.dejonghe@ucll.be