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Proefdierkunde voor biotechniekers (categorie B) - Laboratory animal science (category B)

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The Belgian Council of Laboratory Animal Science (BCLAS, http://www.bclas.be/) organizes courses in accordance with the directives of the Belgian and European legislation which are based on the FELASA (Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations, http://www.felasa.org) recommendations. FELASA has drawn up a series of recommendations on the knowledge and experience which should be acquired by those who work with laboratory animals or supervise them, in order to achieve a higher level of uniformity in Europe concerning the education and training.

The course ‘Laboratory animal science’ is part of the study program organized within the broader training ‘Bachelor in the Biomedical Laboratory Sciences’, but is open to external participants. According to the law of September 13, 2004 (new provisions of the Royal Decree dd 29-May-2013) all who (will) work with animals, are obliged to have followed an adequate 40h training. This course is addressed to those who are responsible for the practical implementation of technical interventions and experiments on laboratory animals.

The course ‘Laboratory animal science’ contributes to the quality of research performed on/with animals and to the welfare of animals. It enlarges the knowledge of different aspects such as housing, care, genetic and microbial quality control, anesthesia and pain management, nutrition, experimental techniques, prevention and treatment of diseases, of laboratory animals, which contributes to the reliability and reproducibility of the results of an animal experiment, and to a decrease in discomfort for animals used in an experimental setting.

This training is followed by an exam and (when passed) a certificate 'Laboratory animal science for biotechnicians Category B’ recognized by the competent government service.

Deze bijscholing is erkend door de FOD Volksgezondheid, Dienst Dierenwelzijn en CITES en leidt tot het getuigschrift of diploma van 'Proefdierkunde voor biotechniekers Categorie B'. Met dit attest zijn werknemers van het niveau bachelor geregulariseerd die tijdens hun werk proefdieren manipuleren. Deze bijscholing is gericht op het zorgvuldig en verantwoord gebruik van proefdieren in het biomedisch onderzoek, overeenkomstig de Belgische en Europese wetgeving.

This course will be taught in English. For more information, please contact Vicky De Preter (vicky.depreter@ucll.be).