Our research groups and services for the work field represent an annual budget of over ten million euro. More than 10% is derived from international funding. UCLL ranks first among Flemish university colleges in terms of winning international project funding. In 2015, we participate in over 45 European projects.

About one fifth of our staff participates in research and services. Most of them are actively engaged in international networks and cooperation. Ten percent of our staff did obtain a PhD.

Specific attention to services for the workfield

UCLL specialises in education and training. We also offer our expertise as consultancy or development for companies and organisations. It offers our partners a unique access to up-to-date knowledge in their specific domain.

Focus Areas

Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Sustainability often focuses on social and ecological processes within our society. One major question is that of economic growth and innovation without the depletion of natural resources. UCLL searches for new business models, active citizenship and cooperation, green energy and innovative production techniques to support this theme.

Intelligent Care

The 21st century society searches for new solutions of new challenges regarding elderly care or structural poverty. UCLL supports innovative developments within the fields of nutrition, HR, technology in health care, among others and experiments with their sustainable use in the work field.

Challenging Education

UCLL creates digital and physical learning environments where learners of all ages and backgrounds cooperate to shape the future of our society. We start from the talents of the learners and support the development of their personal portfolio so that they can take up the jobs of the future.