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What is an exchange programme?

An exchange programme is a two- to ten-month study, which allows you to do a part of your studies or internship abroad. An exchange programme therefore can only be part of another programme or course of study (in either Belgium or another country). The European version of this is called ‘Erasmus’.

When you have obtained all necessary credits to graduate, you return to your home educational facility and obtain a degree of your original teaching institution rather than that of the one you stayed with abroad..

Faculty programmes

For most of our study areas we have developed a semester-long faculty programme in English. You are most welcome to participate in this programme as an Erasmus or exchange student or as free mover student. 

Transdisciplinary programmes

In addition to your specific study programme, you can join transdisciplinary programmes. Together with students from various disciplines you tackle real-life challenges and projects for companies or organisations.

How to get started

You may contact the Faculty International Officer of the study area you are interested in if you wish to receive more specific information about our exchange programmes. We hope to receive your application so we can welcome you to Leuven or Limburg soon!

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