The key principles

UCLL values quality and quality assurance greatly. Therefore, we have devised and integrated a system for quality improvement and control.

Quality improvement and control

Systematic and structural quality improvement
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System of continuous quality improvement

We have developed a system in which work is carried out directly in improvement and quality control. Additionally, we systematically focus on certain themes.

  1. Each programme has drawn up a policy plan that defines its most important policy priorities. This policy plan is drafted in accordance with in-depth internal and external analyses.
  2. For the external analysis, dialogue committees are formed with external members who give feedback on the programme.
  3. We frequently monitor the quality of the theme (thematic quality control). 
  4. The programmes also carry out an analysis on which external experts give feedback. This input is also included in the policy plan.
  5. Once a year, a state of affairs and a biennial management meeting is held. During this meeting, the programme presents what it has already achieved and what it strives to achieve next.

This process results in possible adjustments to the policy plan.