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Your mobile phone number will, among other things, be used to create a WhatsApp group with alle the participants.
When do you expect to arrive?
When do you expect to depart?
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Your CV will be treated confidentially, only participating UCLL lecturers will be able to browse trough your resume.
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Where do you want to teach?
Location where you teach will also be the location where you will stay.
Do you also want to teach a class at campus Diepenbeek (Limburg)?
Do you also want to teach a class at campus Proximus (Leuven)?
Language you want to teach in
Level of teaching
Which topics do you want to teach?
You can choose max. 2 teaching topics. Please provide more information about at least one class and max. 3 classes.
Topics Accountancy
Topic 1 Accountancy
Topic 2 Accountancy
Topic 3 Accountancy
Topics Applied Computer Sciences
Topic 1 Applied Computer Science
Topic 2 Applied Computer Science
Topic 3 Applied Computer Science
Topics Applied Languages
Topic 1 Applied Languages
Topic 2 Applied Languages
Topic 3 Applied Languages
Topics Business Analytics
Topic 1 Business Analytics
Topic 2 Business Analytics
Topic 3 Business Analytics
Topics Communication
Topic 1 Communication
Topic 2 Communication
Topic 3 Communication
Topics Entrepreneurship
Topic 1 Entrepreneurship
Topic 2 Entrepreneurship
Topic 3 Entrepreneurship
Topics Finance
Topic 1 Finance
Topic 2 Finance
Topic 3 Finance
Topics Health Care Management
Topic 1 Health Care Management
Topic 2 Health Care Management
Topic 3 Health Care Management
Topics Human Resource Management
Topic 1 Human Resource Management
Topic 2 Human Resource Management
Topic 3 Human Resource Management
Topics Innovation
Topic 1 Innovation
Topic 2 Innovation
Topic 3 Innovation
Topics Insurance
Topic 1 Insurance
Topic 2 Insurance
Topic 3 Insurance
Topics International Business
Topic 1 International Business
Topic 2 International Business
Topic 3 International Business
Topics Law
Topic 1 Law
Topic 2 Law
Topic 3 Law
Topics Management
Topic 1 Management
Topic 2 Management
Topic 3 Management
Topics Marketing
Topic 1 Marketing
Topic 2 Marketing
Topic 3 Marketing
Topics Supply Chain Management
Topic 1 Supply Chain Management
Topic 2 Supply Chain Management
Topic 3 Supply Chain Management
Topics Translation
Topic 1 Translation
Topic 2 Translation
Topic 3 Translation
Do you want to take part in additional activities? If so, please indicate the activities you want to participate in.
Multiple activities can be selected.