International week. Human rights & social professionals. A never ending story. | UCLL

22-26 April 2024

Human rights are considered as fundamental for social work. Moreover social work is defined as a 'human rights profession'.

Social workers are experts of everyday life, they are front-line workers who are on a daily base confronted with violations of human rights that affect the human dignity and social justice of vulnerable citizens.

During the International week "Human Rights and Social professionals - a never ending story ", we analyse which human rights are under pressure and what social work can do to realise human rights. We work on several topics as the right to live in a non-violant environment, the right of having an identity included for the LGBTQI community, accessibility of social services at the neighbourhood level, the equal access to public space and the right to justice for all.

We provide workshops, inspiring keynotes, film, theater and discussion on different locations in Leuven and Brussels. 


Registrations are made according to our three target groups. Click on the button below the described target group to go to the correct registrationform.

Target group

Professors or students from SOCNET - Professors or students from BUSINET - International partners (other than SOCNET or BUSINET)


22 - 26 April 2024