The main target of this week is to let students work in mixed international groups on the business game Stratvision, which makes them think and communicate in another language. We combine this virtual business game wih online guest lectures and socio-cultural activities.

In this way students with as main subject Business Management practice their knowledge of Business and Accounting and broaden their practical knowledge of languages and culture. The more nationalities involved, the more interesting it will be for the students.

Sharing food and explaining local traditions was a fun way to break the ice and get to know each other at the International Aperitif on Monday evening!



Students participate in the business game Stratvision:

  •  The students are split up into different start-ups (groups).
  • A set of 4 groups competes with each other and forms a market.
  • Each enterprise has to define its objectives and make decisions to reach those objectives.
  • At certain regular points in time the coaches give the students an update of  the economic situation so that the students are able to make decisions for the following fiscal year.
  • These decisions are on a financial and accounting as well as on a commercial level.

Online guest lectures will provide the students with tips and tricks to start and direct their start-ups. At the end of the week the groups present their results within their market.

Discovering what Leuven has to offer – both at day and at night – with an international group of students was an amazing experience. Thank you!


Target group: 2nd year undergraduate students in Business management and/or students with a financial background 


7 - 11 March 2022 (timing: CET)



Deadline for registration

February 20th

Inspiring guest lecture on importance of cultural differences on pitching in a professional way by Tom Braekeleers