BIP: Str@tvision Accountancy | UCLL

Every year in March we organize an interesting Blended Intensive Programme for Accountancy students in Leuven.

The main target of this week is to let students work in mixed international groups on the business game Str@tvision ©, which makes them think and communicate in English. We combine this virtual business game with several guest lectures and socio-cultural activities. Since it is a BIP, there will also be an online component before and after the international week.

In this way students with as main subject Business Management practice their knowledge of Business and Accounting, while developing their intercultural communication skills. The more nationalities involved, the more interesting it will be for the students. Working together in a culturally diverse team is challenge out of their comfort zone and they will expand their global network.

Sharing food and explaining local traditions was a fun way to break the ice and get to know each other at the International Aperitif on Monday evening!



Broaden your horizon and test your financial, accounting and strategic skills with our top-of-the-line business game.

The business game Str@tvision © gives you as participant the opportunity to learn in a fast and risk-free simulation environment how an enterprise operates. You form management teams of identical fictitious companies with your colleagues. Each team takes decisions concerning general management, production, marketing, finance, etc.

The decisions of the firms in the market simulation are automatically processed and you will be obliged to respond quickly in this competitive environment.

Each team has to take concrete decisions in three consecutive game rounds on a number of operational and financial parameters, such as:
• the pricing per product model,
• the recruitment of personnel,
• the number of production units and the production quantity,
• the promotional efforts,
• the number of stores, distribution points and online sales,
• the need for financing.

The consecutive game rounds reflect rounds of one operational year. In these years you will always be confronted with changing market situations.

At certain regular points in time the coaches give the students an update of  the economic situation so that the students are able to make decisions for the following fiscal year.

During our guest lectures, business people will provide the students with advise to start and direct their start-up companies. At the end of the week students will present their results.

Other activities:

During the week we organize different other relaxing activities: international food reception, sport activity, company visit, cultural visit, official closing dinner and goodbye party

Discovering what Leuven has to offer – both at day and at night – with an international group of students was an amazing experience. Thank you!


Need more details? Our coordinator Mr Maarten Cachet is happy to help you on your way.


4 - 8 March 2024 (timing: CET)

Deadline for registration

1 December 2023


Including accommodation (TBC). Cancellation free of charge is possible up until 1 February 2024. As of then, the full price will be charged.


UCLL University of Applied Sciences
Campus Proximus

Geldenaaksebaan 335
3001 Leuven (Heverlee)


Students will stay at the Youth Hostel ‘De Blauwput’ or ‘City hostel’. UCLL will make the booking from Sunday 3 March to Friday morning 8 March (5 nights). There is no refunding foreseen.

Target group

2nd year undergraduate students in Business Management with a financial background.

Inspiring guest lecture on importance of cultural differences on pitching in a professional way by Nathalie De Schepper.