Personal support | UCLL

Financial and personal aid

Our student services welcome any student in need of and a a listening ear or a helping hand. You are welcome to stop by for advice on:

  • your financial situation: for when you have trouble paying for your studies or if you are just looking for a student job.
  • your personal situation: for when non-financial and non-academic troubles are currently on your path and you would like someone to offer advice or a listening ear.


They will always remain discreet. If you speak to them about any issues, this will not be mentioned on any files unless you give permission.

Mental health professionals

If, and only if, you wish to be recommended mental health professionals for counseling, they can help you to set up an appointment at a low student price. We value your mental health greatly, so please do not hesitate to contact them when you need help.

Reach out to us for more information: