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You don't just become a moving mind, you choose it! Every student with a strong and authentic personality, broad-minded and not averse to thinking outside the box, can become a real Moving Mind at UCLL. We guide you as best as possible during your studies at UCLL.

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Degree Programmes

A degree programme is started and completed at the same educational institution. Upon successful completion of the full programme, you will obtain a degree of that institution.

Exchange programmes

An exchange programme is a three- to six-month study, which allows you to do a part of your studies or internship abroad. An exchange programme therefore can only be part of another programme or course of study (in either Belgium or another country). The European version of this is called ‘Erasmus’.

Short programmes

Campus Proximus interieur

So you aren’t looking for a full degree but do seek to broaden your horizons and develop useful skills that makes you stand out from the crowd on the job market?

Then you are a perfect fit for one of our three types of Short programmes.