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The Moving Minds DNA

The Moving Minds DNA is the vision on education UCLL maintains, formerly known as ‘Bachelor-Proof’.


It was designed to :

  • Guard and consolidate the quality of our programmes and trainings
  • Provide a clear image of what education within UC Leuven-Limburg stands and strives for


MM DNA is a framework meant to give direction be a source of inspiration in the further development of our vision and policies in regards to:

  • study results
  • curricula
  • evaluation
  • educational environment.


A smooth exchange of ideas and knowledge

It provides an overarching frame of reference in clear wording, which allows for smooth programme-transcending conversations, growth and exchange of knowledge and ideas. 

A unique yet unifying student profile

It gives UC Leuven-Limburg a clear profile that sets them apart on the job market but also unifies them as Moving Minds, regardless of the programme they have chosen.

A common goal to strive for

It provides a clear direction when programmes seek to enhance their courses and grow within a quality structure.

A source of inspiration

It offers a source of inspiration for lecturers  and programmes to tap into  as they shape their curriculum and education methods.

More information

Check the PowerPoint and brochures for more information on the Moving Minds DNA!

The inner workings 

The DNA strands - pdf

The DNA strands - PowerPoint 

To safeguard this strong profile, building blocks are maintained and the education is given shape through design principles.

 The Moving Minds DNA was developed taking the ideals of level 6 of the Flemish Qualification structure to heart